Brooklyn Just Held Its First Nazi-Punching Film Festival

They also served punch.

Nazi-punching has enjoyed a bit of a resurgence lately, thanks in large part to the vision of white supremacist Richard Spencer getting popped during a protest. In fact, the practice is so in vogue at the moment that New York City just held its first Nazi-punching film festival, featuring film clips from throughout history of Nazi’s getting socked in the face.

Dubbed Fash Bash Bash, the free screening took place on Saturday night at Verso Books in Brooklyn. Hosted by The New Inquiry, the event reportedly included clips from Inglourious Basterds as well as a number more obscure films.

“Fash Bash Bash is a film screening of clips from movies in which people are resisting and protesting fascism,” organiser Ava Kofman told Gothamist ahead of the event. “A dozen or so friends and contributors of the magazine will be selecting the clips from film history and introducing them briefly.”

Oh, and they also served punch. What a perfect evening.

fash bash bash