A New And Very Confusing TikTok From Britney Spears Has Broken The Internet

"Are we all being punk'd by Britney Spears?"

Britney Spears TikTok

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Britney Spears is one of our most amiable, loveable popstars, content to show off her son’s artwork and film sweet videos dedicated to the LGBTQI community.

But every now and then she produces content that — let’s face it — is more than a little bit confusing.

Of course, who can remember the video she filmed earlier this year in which she admitted that she had burned down her own gym with some scented candles? Or how about that time that she accidentally called for her supporters to seize the means of production, turning her into an overnight communist hero?

Well, with her new TikTok, Spears has continued that trend, by…

Well, I mean, you watch this short video and tell me if you know what is going on here:

Understandably, fans have spent the hours since the video dropped trying to get to the bottom of things, with the clip rapidly being called everything from a performance art piece to an elaborate troll.

Truly, Britney Spears is an icon for our time, and we should continue to cherish her whenever and wherever possible.Β Especially when she breaks the stale and sad formula of content on TikTok to create something this avant-garde.