This Mash-Up Of Britney Spears’ Hits And The Soviet Anthem Is The Bop For Our Troubled Times

Workers of the world, unite!

Britney Spears and Karl Marx

The coronavirus epidemic has destroyed our love for most celebrities, who seem more entitled, cut-off and self-obsessed forever. But one hero who has emerged in these trying times is Britney Spears, the socialist queen that we never knew we needed.

See, a matter of days ago, Spears posted an Instagram meme calling for an immediate general strike and a redistribution of wealth. Those have been two of the biggest ways that socialist groups around the world have advocated responding to the viral pandemic, leading many to suggest that Spears has been radicalised.

Compare that to the response of say, Gal Gadot, who responded to the crisis with a celebrity sing-along. Or Elon Musk, who has spent a few weeks tweeting about how the pandemic is mostly dangerous in how it has inspired panic.

Better yet, Spears’ newfound status as socialist icon has now been translated into music.

Here then, as a soundtrack to the next few months that we should all spend sticking it to oligarchs and capitalists, is ‘One More Time’ combined with the USSR anthem.

Truly, it is something else:

Of course, we shouldn’t allow Britney Spears to rest on her laurels just yet. It’s not just about talk. It’s about celebrities redistributing wealth and using their power to dismantle the systems that gave them the unfair edge in the first place.

But hey, this is a good start.