There’s Been Another Update In The Troubling #FreeBritney Saga

Britney Spears is reportedly pushing back against aspects of her conservatorship in court.

Britney Spears asks court to remove father Jamie from sole conservatorship role

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Britney Spears has reportedly filed court documents asking that her father Jamie step down from his central role in her conservatorship, first put in place back in 2008.

Jamie is at the centre of the #FreeBritney movement, as fans believe that he has extended her conservatorship — a usually temporary measure to protect the elderly or temporarily incapacitated, but in place here since 2008 — in order to control Spears’ career and finances.

While #FreeBritney has bubbled along for years, Spears’ odd TikTok and Instagram presence of late has seen a renewed interest, with fans worried for her mental health.

A petition demanding the conservatorship end currently has more than 100,000 signatures, and the #FreeBritney hashtag has been used by the likes of Paris Hilton, Rose McGowan and Spears’ collaborator Miley Cyrus.

Recently, Jamie called the #FreeBritney movement “a joke” in an interview with PageSix, and stated that fans have no idea what they are talking about.

Now, Spears is applying for her father to be removed as conservator of her person. As seen by People, Spears has filed court documents stating she is “strongly opposed” to him continuing in the role. In 2019, Jamie became sole conservator of her person and finances, after co-conservator and lawyer Andrew M. Wallet stepped down.

Last September, Jamie took a temporary step back due to health issues, with Spears’ care manager Jodi Montgomery taking over. As per the court documents, Spears would “strongly prefer” for this shift to be permanent.

In addition, Spears is also asking that Jamie no longer be her sole financial conservator. Instead, she “strongly prefers to have a qualified corporate fiduciary appointed to serve in this role” — likely a bank. It’s possible that Jamie would still continue his role in a limited capacity.

“We are now at a point where the conservatorship must be changed substantially in order to reflect the major changes in her current lifestyle and her stated wishes,” the filing reads, also saying that Spears has no “desire … to perform at this time.”

Jamie is currently paid around US $130,000 ($189,141) annually for his role as conservator, on top of expenses like rent for an office, as approved by a judge. He also receives a share of gross revenue from merch/performances, such as the 1.5 percent he got during Spears’ Vegas residency.

It is speculated Jamie will contest Spears’ application, though he’s made no public statement. A routine hearing will take place Wednesday.