Briggs’ ‘Life Is Incredible’ Music Video Is A Powerful (And Funny) Look At White Privilege

And Adam Goodes and Nakkiah Lui are along for the ride, too.

Briggs in his 'Life Is Incredible' music video

Last month, Briggs dropped ‘Life Is Incredible’, his first solo release since 2014.

At first, you might think it falls into the ‘gloating rapper’ territory — but it’s clear by the end that the song’s title hides half of its sentiment: ‘Life Is Incredible (If You’re White)’. And now, he’s released a powerful, funny music video to match the song, which is a searing inditement on white privilege.

Directed by Dylan River, the clip has a pretty simple concept. Since the Indigenous life expectancy is estimated to be at 10.6 years lower for males (69.1 years compared with 79.7) and 9.5 years for females (73.7 compared with 83.1), Briggs has decided to retire.

“I’m 32 years old (67 in White Years) & Blackfullas’ life expectancy means we should be retiring “early” to enjoy the prime of our lives,” he wrote on Twitter to introduce the clip. “So me & some friends checked into Whitehaven to see out our twilight.”

Those friends include playwright (and Get Krack!n star) Nakkiah Lui, dancer and artist Amrita Hepi, and Adam Goodes. They all live it up dancing, drinking, swimming and playing lawn bowls — while they can. As residents drop dead, life goes on: they’re used to it, after all.

Watch the video below.