‘ABC News’ Just Interviewed An American Actor Because He Can Actually Do An Australian Accent

He even nails 'Melbourne'.

Brian Jordan Alvarez goes viral for Australian accent, goes on ABC News

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Actor Brian Jordan Alvarez — who you might recognise from Will & Grace, Special or the excellent web-series The Gay And Wondrous Life of Caleb Gatto — has done the impossible: he, an American, can do an Australian accent. And that’s blown so many of our minds that he ended on the ABC this morning to talk about it.

Alvarez has been perfecting his Australian accent for a while — if you scroll back on his Twitter far enough, you’ll see the slow evolution over the past year. But yesterday, he posted an unclockable video of him in-character as an Australian saying congratulations to the US for getting rid of “your stupid fucking dick-tator”, and by God, he just nails every small inflection we have.

It went viral across Australian Twitter, with no one quite believing how real it is: summing it up, writer Jess McGuire replied the video by saying Alvarez has “shocked a nation”.

Having seen the original video, the team at ABC Breakfast News knew they had to get him — although with the caveat that they couldn’t air the above video because it’s a little too (true) blue for morning TV.

In his interview, Alvarez says he worked on it after watching a “lot of episodes of Australia’s Next Top Model“, before Lisa Millar and guest presenter David Speers test him out by getting him to say ‘Perth’, ‘Brisbane’ and ‘aluminum’.

They then ask what he’s planning to do with his perfect accent, and he says he wants to play a “true  Aussie” and visit, given he’s never actually been here. Afterwards, he then posted another video ‘coming out’ as an Australian from Melbourne, revealing he duped our Aunty. Sure, he slips up on the word ‘actor’, but immediately corrects himself. Bless.

Sorry Margot Robbie, but Brian Jordan Alvarez is Australia’s hottest acting export right now.  We simply love to hear it.