Brian Cox Has Thrown Some More Shade At One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts

The feud is back on.

Brian Cox and Malcolm Roberts. Malcolm Roberts and Brian Cox. It’s one of the great rivalries of the modern era. Only not really, because one of them is a highly respected scientist and the other is Malcolm Roberts.

The pair first crossed paths during an infamous episode of Q&A last August, in which the newly elected One Nation senator accused NASA of falsifying climate change data and the English physicist made a series of exasperated faces.


…did I agree…

…to come on this show?

Since then, Roberts has continued to be a vocal denier of climate change, despite having the science spelled out to him by Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan Finkel. The Senator even challenged Dr. Karl to a public debate, and then declared himself the victor after Dr. Karl decided he had better things to do.

Cox, for his part, is very much on Karl’s side.  “In general, it’s not a good idea to engage in people who are obstinate in that way,” said the physicist about Roberts back in April of this year. “You essentially elevate them to a level they should not be at. You present to the public the impression that there is a legitimate debate to be had.”

So what’s happened now? Well, it turns out that Cox is returning to Australia this November for a series of talks. And on Thursday, in an attempt to drum up publicity for the tour, Lateral Events Management sent out the following tweet.

A short time later, Roberts replied with some of his usual shtick.

But from the looks of things Cox didn’t sign off on the ticket giveaway, let alone a debate. On Friday, he tweeted that he was withdrawing Lateral’s offer, adding that if Roberts wanted to attend, he would have to “pay like anyone else, sit down, shut up and listen.”

He also took a swipe at the fact that Roberts may have been a citizen of the UK when he was elected, something that would make him ineligible to serve in Parliament. (Fingers crossed!)

In any case, it sounds as though we won’t get the chance to see the pair go head to head on stage any time soon. Although honestly, that’s probably for the best.