Breaking Bad’s Walt Jr Is Now A DJ. His Club Night Is Called ‘Breaking Beats’.

Why would you not call it The Breakfast Club? WHY?

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At the start of this year, RJ Mitte (the actor who played Walt Jr/Flynn in Breaking Bad) sat down with The Guardian to talk about his career, the importance of diversity on television and film, and his own experiences as one of the only young stars with cerebral palsy in the industry.

In fact, in the time that Breaking Bad has been off our screens, Mitte’s been working a lot. He’s starring in a TV teen drama, he’s been modelling for GAP, and he has major roles in a couple of upcoming films. But at the end of the interview, he conceded this: “Nothing I do will ever compare with Breaking Bad.”

If only we knew how true that would be.

Today, it’s been announced that Mitte is launching his DJ career at a special event in New York called Breaking Beats. Seriously. We have proof.



This is something that he’s talked about before. Late last year he told Digital Spy he was interested in starting a career in music. “I’m learning guitar, I’m learning piano,” he said. “We’ll see what happens.”

But, like most minimally talented guys with ambitions to start up their own bands, he quickly took to DJing instead. This special club night on April 10 in New York will be his first-ever set. And, just like Kristian Nairn Hodor’s worldwide Rave of Thrones series, Breaking Beats will also be a themed event. In fact, it’s even being put on by the same people.

According to Live For Live Music, the event will have all the usual lasers and lights as well as a breakfast buffet and “the actual blue-sky meth that was used in the TV show”. For the health of everyone involved as well as the licence of the club, I’mma go ahead and assume they mean the props used on set (which is still very, very cool!).

At the moment, this looks like a one-off event but there’s no harm in keeping your fingers crossed it’ll some day come to Australia. If that does happen, I’m definitely starting a formal petition to re-name it The Breakfast Club.


Much better.