That Singer Who Peed On A Dude During A Concert Has Issued An Apology

"I am not a shock artist. I always want to put the music first."

Sophia Urista of Brass Against issues apology

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Let’s be real: by this stage, you have almost certainly seen the video of Brass Against lead singer Sophia Urista urinating on a consenting fan’s face.

— Content Warning: Graphic content. — 

Since the incident went down at Welcome To Rockville festival last week, a clip of Urista pulling down her pants and letting forth a mighty stream has been circulating on just about every social media platform around. And for good reason — the thing is wild, a timely reminder that metal has far from gone soft, and that the genre still has the power to amaze and surprise.

At around the same time that the video began circulating, the inevitable backlash began. It didn’t matter to Urista’s critics that the fan walked up onstage with full awareness of what was about to happen to him, or that the singer cleaned up the mess herself after all was said and done. According to those moral puritans out there, the act was pure debauchery, proof that ours is a culture in decline — according to The New York Post, the act was “disgusting”.

Perhaps trying to cut that backlash off at the neck, the band issued an almost immediate apology. “Sophia got carried away,” they wrote on Twitter. “That’s not something the rest of us expected, and it’s not something you’ll see again at our shows.”

Now, as the backlash has only grown, Urista herself has issued a statement. “I have always pushed the limits in music and onstage,” she wrote. “That night, I pushed the limits too far.

“I know that some were hurt or offended by what I did. I apologise to them and want them to know that I didn’t mean to hurt them. I am not a shock artist. I always want to put the music first.”

It’s sad but inevitable that Urista would have to issue an apology — the dissenting voices just grew too loud. Here’s to hoping that it doesn’t scare off other artists from engaging in some good, clean, consensual fun. After all, good trouble lies at the very heart of metal.