Melbourne Is Rallying Behind “Trolley Man” In The Wake Of The Bourke Street Attack

Don't mess with Melbourne.

Bourke Street attack hero Trolley Man

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The people of Melbourne are rallying behind a man with a shopping trolley who put himself in harms way during Friday afternoon’s Bourke Street attack in an effort to keep other people safe.

Dubbed Trolley Man by the internet, the unidentified man used a shopping trolley to repeatedly ram the knife-wielding attacker, who was slashing at police. The attacker was eventually shot by police, and subsequently died in hospital.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has since commended the bravery of those like Trolley Man who did their best to render assistance during the attack.

“We take this opportunity to thank those very brave and dedicated members of Victoria Police who did all of us proud in their very quick response in very dangerous circumstances,” Andrews said. “Equally, those strangers, people who were by-standers who knew nobody involved, who stepped in without a moment’s hesitation, to render support and assistance to the brave members of the Victoria Police, they too are people whose qualities make all of us proud as well.”

Police Commissioner Graham Ashton expressed his gratitude to Trolley Man, but cautioned members of the public against getting involved in situations like the one that occurred on Bourke Street.

“You just have to be a bit careful in that situation how close you get, because he could have been injured himself,” Ashton told Weekend Today.

“Certainly he was acting in the spur of the moment and looking to support the police… there was a number of people that did that and we are always grateful when the community are supporting our police members,” he added. “Again, we just have to be careful in the way that we do that.”

Nevertheless, members of the public have been heaping praise on Trolley Man for his bravery.