People Have Finally Worked Out What Defines “Boomer Culture” And It’s Very Funny

"Boomer culture is calling sushi exotic."

boomer culture memes

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As we approach the end of the week, not much has changed. Australia’s weather remains bonkers, Allen’s continue to not bring back the blue snake, and boomers are still getting mad that we’re calling them boomers. And that’s boomer culture!

But beyond the typical boomer move of getting mad for calling a spade a spade, people have started to notice some traits that are the heart of boomer culture.

For example, a lot of boomer culture revolves around phones and a boomers inability to use one silently or effectively.

Boomer culture is also all about the warped views that make little sense when you really think about them.

Boomer culture is also rooted in a total lack of knowledge with and distrust of everything technology related.

Boomer culture is all about making a service workers job even harder than it needs to be.

And sometimes boomer culture is just… is. When you know, you just know.

But above all, boomer culture is this.