The Guys Behind Bondi Hipsters Have Ripped Into US Gun Laws With An Incredibly Australian Video

There are heaps of things that will kill us, but at least we don't have AR-15s.

Bondi Hipsters

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The guys behind the Bondi Hipsters, the Van Vuuren brothers, might be known for having a go at the new age uppity types in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, but for their latest viral video they’ve ripped into something a little further away from home: the comedy duo have gone after US gun laws in real Aussie style.

Their song “about all the wonderful things Australia has to offer”, which has been shared over 12,000 times, goes through the many, many, many different deadly animals that live in Australia.

“In Australia we’ve got deadly animals a plenty/we’ve got funnel web spiders who will murder you and your family/Under every second rock is a redback spider and they’ll kill you ‘cos/I don’t know, they’re bored or whatever,” the song begins.

The Hipsters play on the stereotype that Australia is a dangerous place to live, and then spins it right on its head.

“But at least we don’t have AR-15s.”

And the song rattles off the arguments against America’s second amendment pretty succinctly, saying that it was:

“A law that was written 200 years ago/in a time when it took three minutes to reload a single round of ammunition/we knew nothing about depression and you couldn’t fire 45 rounds in 60 seconds.”

“But what would I know ‘cos I’m from another country,” the song ends.

Here’s the full video:


A song about all the wonderful things Australia has to offer.

Posted by Bondi Hipsters on Thursday, 26 April 2018

Australia is often used as a case study to argue against America’s nonsense gun fetish.

Back in 1996, 35 people were killed in the Port Arthur massacre. In response, Prime Minister John Howard put forward the National Firearms Agreement, part of which bought over 1 million firearms off Australian gun owners.

Since the Port Arthur massacre, Australia has not had a single mass shooting. Since 1996, there have been 79 mass shootings in the United States.