Bob Katter Wielded A Knife On Live TV While Discussing Barnaby Joyce’s Affair

He really wants politicians to stop sleeping with staffers.

Queensland MP and extremely rogue dude Bob Katter appeared on Sky News this morning, wielding a knife, to announce a crossbencher in federal parliament is planning on introducing legislation banning politicians from having sex with their staffers, following the public scandal surrounding Barnaby Joyce’s affair with his former staffer.

Regarding the proposed bill, Katter wouldn’t divulge who exactly is planning it, but he said he’d spoken to them about it this morning. It comes in the wake of a bill that passed the US House of Representatives just yesterday, which responds to the #MeToo movement by banning sexual relationships between lawmakers and their staffers.

“People’s private lives are their private lives, but I do make the comment, not staff. Please, fellas, not staff,” Katter said on Sky this morning. “I mean, you’re in such an enormously influential position with staff.”

When asked if he planned to support the bill, he said he’d think about it. “I support the spirit of it most certainly, and I’ll think maybe I’ll vote for it, yeah”.

And What’s This About A Knife?

Immediately after discussing politicians having sex with their staffers, the interview pivoted to, ah, knives.

“You’ve brought a prop along to this interview — you’ve brought a, ah, letter opener”, interviewer Samantha Maiden said, as Katter fiddled with a case on the table.

“Well, no matter what I’ve been interviewed on in the last week, no matter what the issue has been, every single one of them has brought up the Crocodile Dundee movie,” he explained, explaining nothing.

“And I can’t help but point out the difference in the mores where I come from, and those of everyone else in Australia,” he continued. “Like when they introduced the screening at the airports — when they first introduced it, they opened up my briefcase and they were like ‘YOU’VE GOT A KNIFE!'”

“And it sounds so pathetic, like I’ve stolen a line out of Crocodile Dundee, but I said that is not a knife, that is my letter opener!”

At this point he whipped out said letter opener, and look. It looked a lot like a knife. We’re guessing you could probably do some decent damage if you tried to stab someone with it.

As Maiden wondered aloud, how the hell does Katter get that thing through parliament security?

“I have influence,” he replied very seriously.

“But seriously,  what are you going to do, deprive me of my letter opener? Believe me, my knife, it’s much more formidable than my letter opener.”

He then tried to start discussing lengths of his various tools as proof, but Maiden cut him off. Some things are better left to the imagination.

We’ll leave you with this video from a different interview, where Katter wields a knife and recites lines from Crocodile Dundee really badly. It’s worth a watch.