Bob Katter Has Decided Fraser Anning Is Too Racist For The Katter Australia Party

The decision comes nearly three months after Anning called for a "final solution to the immigration problem".

Bob Katter has broken up with Fraser Anning.

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Well, it seems that Bob Katter’s been doing some thinking. He’s decided that Fraser Anning is a bit too racist for the Katter Australia Party after all, and he’s kicked him out.

Katter announced the decision to boot Anning this afternoon, while Anning was reportedly on a plane and unaware of the entire thing. The decision follows a steaming shitpile of racist bullshit from Anning over the past few months– he’s that guy who used his maiden speech to Parliament to call for a “final solution to the immigration problem”, compare Muslims to poison jelly beans, and say a whole heap of other offensive shit that doesn’t need repeating.

It’s been almost three months since Anning made that speech, and in that time he’s managed to say even more racist things and get banned from Facebook because of them. It’s not clear why it took Katter three months to work out that there’s something wrong with Anning, but at least he got there eventually?

Then again, Katter said this afternoon that he still thinks “ninety-nine per cent of what Senator Anning has been saying is solid gold,” but that “there is one per cent of what he is saying that is totally unacceptable”. And back when Anning made the speech in the first place, Katter actually praised it, saying he backed Anning’s words 1000%. In fact, now’s as good a time as any for a reminder that Katter himself is actually pretty shit.

Anning ultimately managed to last just 143 days in the Katter Australia Party, a slight improvement on the 80 minutes he lasted as a Senator for One Nation. He’ll remain in Parliament now as an Independent probably, because honestly who else is going to take him on at this point?

Katter has yet to comment on his ousting from the party. He was last heard from five hours ago when he was tweeting rude shit about trans people. We probably won’t update this post when he responds, because he really does not deserve a platform of any kind.

Feature image via Eliza Berlage on Twitter