Celebrate The Last Day Of Parliament With Bob Katter’s Terrible Cover Of ‘Bad Moon Rising’

"I see a crossbench a-rising. I see an election on the way."

Bob Katter made a video of himself singing Bad Moon Rising, except it's about politics.

Well, it’s finally the last sitting day for federal Parliament in 2018, and what better way to celebrate the occasion than by listening to Bob Katter’s recent attempt to cover ‘Bad Moon Rising’ and make it about politics?

Yes, you read that right. Bob Katter is best known for freaking out about crocodiles and also being a real shithead about immigration, Muslims, and other things he irrationally does not like.

This week, though, he’s focused on inflicting pain on followers of his Facebook page, who were treated to one minute and 43 seconds of Katter alternating between clapping, tapping his pen, and “singing” lines like “I see a crossbench arising”, referring to the recently upended balance of power in Parliament. The rest of the lyrics are equally bad, if not worse, but we’ll let you listen to those below.

While you’re here, though, here’s a heads up that despite being the last day of Parliament in 2018, today’s certainly not going to be a boring one. Actually, much like a child leaving a school assignment to the very last minute, the government is absolutely rushing to submit some terrible and poorly-drafted legislation today, which could have global ramifications if passed.

Meanwhile, Labor and the crossbench are trying very hard to pass a bill to evacuate the remaining kids on Nauru. If they manage to pass this, it will be the first time the government has lost a vote on legislation in the House of Representatives in decades. That’s a pretty significant event — in past, it has led to governments calling an early election (and subsequently getting owned). There’s no guarantee today’s vote will lead to similarly dramatic consequences, but who knows — anything could happen?

Anyway, while we wait for the Parliamentary drama to kick off, here’s Bob launching his musical career. Enjoy.

There’s a cross bench on the rise…

Posted by Bob Katter on Monday, 3 December 2018