“Are White People C*nts?”: ‘Black Comedy’ Just Released A Brutal ‘Sunrise’ Parody

"I've never actually met a white person, but I agree. White people? They're c*nts."

Black Comedy Sunrise Sketch

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ABC sketch show Black Comedy has absolutely savaged that now-infamous Sunrise adoption segment, releasing a brutal parody in which a team of morning show hosts debate “the age old question: are white people cunts?”

In case you missed it, Sunrise copped a wave of criticism this week over a segment in which three deeply unqualified white people debated the rules surrounding the adoption of Aboriginal children. It’s hard to nail down the single most cooked moment from the segment, although the part where panellist Prue MacSween appeared to call for the return of policies that led to the Stolen Generations was definitely up there.

Among the many, many Indigenous Australians to criticise the Seven Network breakfast program was writer and comedian Nakkiah Lui. On Twitter she accused the show of “bottom feeding off people’s pain”, before appearing in a scathing sketch on Tonightly with Tom Ballard to discuss the merits of removing “unqualified, clueless white media pundits” from television “in the interest of their own welfare.”

It was very good.

But it turns out Lui was just warming up. On Friday, she and the rest of the team at Black Comedy released their own take on the Sunrise segment, and boy they are not pulling their punches on this one.

The sketch features Lui as the host of her own breakfast show, Wake Up To Yourself. She’s joined on the couch by a trio of commentators (played by Aaron Fa’aoso, Nayuka Gorrie and Gabriel Willie) to discuss “beloved Aboriginal man Uncle Stevie”, who Lui explains sparked outrage after publicly describing white people as “white cunts”.

As it turns out, the panel is in furious agreement with Uncle Stevie.

“I know a lot of white people,” remarks Fa’aoso’s character. “And I say this with a lot of love… but white people are cunts.”

“I wouldn’t use words as strong as that… but I tend to agree,” says Gorrie’s character. “White people are cunts.”

“Well, I’ve never actually met a white person, but I do agree,” adds Willie’s character. “White people? They’re cunts.”

The panel is also quick to shut down any suggestion that they’re being racist.

“I would hate for anyone to think I’m racist,” says Gorrie. “This is just my opinion. And I’m entitled to my opinion.”

Black Comedy season three will air on the ABC later this year.