Middle-Aged Man Babies Are Mad That The ‘Birds Of Prey’ Women Aren’t Sexy Enough

"It's like you guys just go to the movies to be perverts."

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As reviews of DC’s Birds of Prey have started to roll in, giant man babies have begun complaining over the lack of “sex appeal” in the new flick.

Despite the film starring naturally sexy actresses like Margot Robbie and Mary Elizabeth Winstead, middle-aged men are unhappy with the more clothed characters.

For example, Twitter user Matthew Kadish firmly believes that Birds of Prey will have the same fate that Charlies Angels did. “They’ve removed any sex appeal these characters had to appeal to a female ‘girl power’ audience instead of the core male comic book audience,” he tweeted.

“They literally don’t know who they’re making this movie for,” he said alongside a gif which featured Black Canary, basically with her tits out.

Matthew continued his flawed argument in a follow-up tweet, saying: “Even the women want to see attractive women on screen. Cosplayers want hot characters to emulate. None of the Birds of Prey characters have any sex appeal.”

Sharing a gif of Harley Quinn laying on a couch eating string cheese, Matthew then spoke about his gripes with the treatment of his favourite woman. “They even toned down Harley Quinn to make her less sexy, despite that being her biggest draw in Suicide Squad.” 

Unfortunately, this opinion was not held by Matthew alone. Another Twitter user by the name of @HuoBambino called attention to the lack of sexiness in Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s character, Huntress.

Apparently, middle-aged men believe that these changes were made to spite mem, at the hands of Margot Robbie and her “feminism” agenda. Clearly upset over the shift away from the “male gaze”, these men took to Twitter to complain about the Birds of Prey characters looking like men with flat chests and loose pants.

Sorry, Piss Babies The Girls Are Still Sexy

The Birds of Prey haters were, as expected, dragged for their piss-poor reasoning behind their dislike for the film. This apparent lack of “sex appeal” clearly just reflects the strange male desire for a human version of the 1992 comic character of Harley Quinn – a scantily clad woman with a disproportionate figure in outfits that weren’t made for crime.

Unfortunately for these piss babies, Birds of Prey was not only directed by a woman – but also had women producers and writers. This desire for characters that were designed less for the “male gaze” was deliberate and with reason. Birds of Prey is made by women and is focused more on the characterisation of Quinn, over the sexualisation of her as seen in Suicide Squad.

It’s this lack of sexualisation that has angered middle-aged men on the internet. But people have begun questioning the need for any film to have “attractive women” to be enjoyable. This need for “sexy” women in movies truly makes little sense when porn is free and so easily accessible. So, of course, people started poking fun at these upset men for their strange need for sexy characters.

Beyond this, people have started questioning the male brain and its take on attractiveness. While backlash for the female-directed film was sadly expected, the take that the actresses and characters were not “sexy” enough was very strange.

I guess all-leather outfits on empowered women is no longer sexy. Spread the word, y’all.