Aussies In Self-Isolation Are Getting Dressed To The Nines For Their Weekly Bin Run

There's no activity more essential than the weekly bin run, tbh.

bin isolating outing

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With coronavirus lockdown laws, Aussies are restricted to go outside unless absolutely necessary — that is for work, school, shopping for essential items, seeking medical care or exercising outside.

Luckily for Australians, one weekly activity is absolutely vital to keep the wheels of Australia churning and that is: Bin Night.

In honour of the weekly task of taking the bins out to the kerb, Aussies in the Bin Isolation Outing Facebook group have decided that dressing up for the approved outing is the only way to get through self-isolation.

bin isolation outing

Lizzy Maria / Bin Isolation Outing

The public group created by Queensland local, Danielle Askew, is dedicated to sharing the best bin-run looks in Australia. As the group’s description explains, the goal is simple.

“The bin goes out more than us so let’s dress up for the occasion!,” the about section reads. “Fancy dress, makeup, tutu… be creative! Post photos to cheer us up, after all laughter is the best medicine.”

In just a week, the small group that started with just Hervey Bay locals sharing fancy dress photos went viral and gained over 500,000 members. Four days after that, the group jumped up by another 250,000. Now with members from all across the globe, countless bin day outfits are uploaded every day — but, of course, it’s the Aussies who are reigning supreme in the costume department.

bin isolation outing

“Oh no…. it’s the bin chicken.” — Leanne Healey / Bin Isolation Outing

Bin Isolation Outing

“Who’s the dickhead taking out the bins in Botanic Ridge.” — Jenni Lawrence‎ / Bin Isolation Outing

Bin Isolating Outing

“Priscilla’s (frock) comes out of the closet for bin day….” — Karen Aitchison / Bin Isolating Outing

bin isolation outing

“CRIKEY! Went to check on Bin(di) and woah! I FOUND these two crocs sunning themselves… crafty buggers they are.” — Martin David Bradbury / Bin Isolation Outing

bin isolation outing

“Binder date. He was shorter than his profile picture but he wheelie made me laugh.” — Shelley Wallace / Bin Isolation Outing

While some shared their fanciest outfits and impressions, others took the opportunity to reenact their favourite scenes from iconic shows like Kath & Kim and Game of Thrones. Some legends even donned their flower crowns to fully become Tiger King’s Carole Baskin — husband in the wheelie bin and all.

Kath is stressing out about toot paper & Kimmy is her normal dramatic self . StGeorge, Qld, 4487

Posted by Nicole Proud Kemp on Wednesday, 8 April 2020

The Virus gathers, and now I take out the binsThey shall not come in until they've been emptiedI shall take no risk, breathe no air, breach no social barriersI shall wear a mask, and win no gloryI shall live and die in my homeI am the noise in the darkness, I am the mover of the binsI am the shield that guards the realms of my front yardI pledge my life and honour to the bins watchFor this night, and all the nights to come!#BinterIsComing #YouBinOrYouDie #ALannisterAlwaysEmptiesHisBinsEdit: Yes people, we get it, we can't mow our lawn right now 😂

Posted by Taylor Riley on Tuesday, 7 April 2020

The Bin Isolation Outing Facebook group is public, and you can join to follow the laughs here