Billie Eilish Geeked Out With Steve Carell About Her Love Of ‘The Office’

"It takes me away from the reality of my life... It’s like a safe space.”

Billie Eilish chats to Steve Carell about her 'The Office' obsession

Billie Eilish hasn’t exactly kept her The Office obsession quiet — the pop wunderkind even sampled the show extensively in her track ‘My Strange Addiction’ — but she keeps taking it to new heights. Now, she’s popped on a podcast with none other than Steve Carell to chat about the sitcom.

Carell and Eilish both appeared as guests on the final episode of Spotify exclusive podcast An Oral History Of The Office, hosted by Brian Baumgartner, who played Kevin on the show. The episode was dedicated to discussing the strong-hold the show has on younger audiences — Eilish herself being the prime example.

Back in May, Eilish told Rainn Wilson that she’d been bingeing The Office for the 15th time in quarantine, though this time around says she’s watched it 14 times, mostly on her iPhone. To be fair, it’s probably hard to keep track.

“Every time I watch it, I understand something new, because I started at [age] 12,” she told Carell and Baumgartner. “And I honestly, if you asked my parents, most of the things that — this makes me sound so stupid — but the most of the things that I know are because of The Office.”

When asked why she’s watched it so many times, Eilish says it’s a comfort for her.

“It’s just not stressful, maybe it’s because I’ve seen it so many times,” Eilish said. “…I never watch it on a TV or anything. My little phone and I put it on a little table, and I clean my room or leave the room or I’m in the shower or something.”

“Because I’ve seen it so many times, I can fully envision exactly what the scene is, so it takes me away from the reality of my life. It makes me feel like — I don’t know. It’s like a safe space.”

Listen to the episode below, or on Spotify. Most recently, Eilish released ‘my future’ and performed it ‘live’ at the DNC 2020 Convention, and plans to drop a new track in the next few weeks.