The Only Good Meme Is The Bill Hader Dancing Meme

Even Lizzo loves it.

Bill Hader dancing meme

Bill Hader is chameleonic in nature, a sly-jawed, wild-eyed, delightful avatar of wholesome chaos, able to fit into every situation.

It’s something that’s often said about people who do impressions, but it moves beyond that for Bill Hader — it’s not just that he blends into things, it’s that he makes every project, or sketch, or movie or film inherently better by being there. People think chameleonic is all about camouflage ability, but it can also be used to describe the delight you feel upon finding a weird bug-eyed lizard hanging out in your room, unexpectedly.

You’d know Bill Hader as a long time (and truly great) cast member on SNL, as the award winning star of Barry, as characters on films like Superbad.

The latest opportunity for Bill Hader’s delightful lizard wiles is a meme account on Twitter, simply called Bill Hader Dancing To.

It does, and I cannot stress this enough, exactly what it says on the label: provides various incarnations of Bill Hader dancing to songs. It is absolutely the wholesome meme my entire body has been yearning for my entire life.

The meme started here, with a viral post from the account’s creator, sam. There is music. It’s funny. It’s… hot.

God, it’s so good. Why is it so unaccountably sexual, as well as funny? Is that just me?

The meme is cut from footage from a SNL clip called ‘Alan’, that actually got cut from the show in 2015. It’s ALSO very funny. “It’s Alan! The future of casual entertainment!”

Anyway, then the account just kept going with it, and honestly… bless them. The account cuts the footage to fit each song, and each new one is frankly a revelation.

Let’s watch some of my favourites:

And then Lizzo even got on board, with a nod to Bill Hader’s greatest SNL character, Stefon.

Finally, with all this talk of Bill Hader dancing, let’s just remember this iconic clip of fellow SNL castmate Taran Killam doing the ‘Call Your Girlfriend’ Robyn dance.