Big Mouth’s Nick Kroll And Conan O’Brien Taught A Sex Ed Class And It Did Not Go Well

"Between us we've had over three sexual partners."

Big Mouth's Nick Kroll and Conan O'Brien teach sex ed

Big Mouth creator Nick Kroll has teamed up with talk show host Conan O’Brien to teach a group of teenagers about the birds and the bees. And it went… well, about as well as you’d expect, to be honest.

In the segment for O’Brien’s show Conan, the pair visited a high school for an impromptu sex ed class, much to the confusion of the students.

“Between us we’ve had over three sexual partners,” Kroll brags. Off to a good start!

Topics up for discussion include pornography, masturbation and contraception. “What you want to do when you have a condom is get two men, comedians, to help you put it on,” Kroll explains.

And when you’re done, just “tie it in a knot, and then mail it to your congressman,” O’Brien adds.

They also address some common misconceptions about sex (no, the vagina is not on the front) and field questions from the class.

“What are you thoughts on flavoured condoms?” asks one kid.

“Only when I’m hungry,” Kroll replies.

Check it out below. Who knows, you might even learn something.

Big Mouth is available to stream on Netflix.