Big Ed From ’90 Day Fiancé’ Crying Because Rose Dumped His Ass Has Become A Huge Meme

Big Ed is just the gift that keeps on giving.

big ed memes

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There hasn’t been a more talked about 90 Day Fiancé couple than Big Ed and Rose.

As stars on the current season of Before The 90 Days, the couple made headlines for their, frankly, bonkers relationship. Between Ed’s beauty regime of mayonnaise in place of conditioner to the blunt quips from Rose due to the language barrier, memes of the couple have taken over social media in the last few months.

As each new episode of Before The 90 Days dropped, new memes of Big Ed and Rose made their way online. While Rosemarie’s reactions to anything Big Ed said were hilarious, it was the clips of Big Ed throughout the show that made people laugh the most.

First it was the mayonnaise hair routine, then it was Big Ed trying to kiss Rose, laying in bed, showering with her dad, standing in a hotel lobby in a robe, and now it’s a scene of Big Ed struggling to hold back his tears.

The scene comes from a recent episode of Before The 90 Days, where Rose tells Ed that she’s done with the relationship. After travelling to Palawan for a romantic getaway, Rose confronts Ed about all his lies and the disrespectful way he’s treated her in the last few weeks.

You see, Rose was fed up with all the insults that Big Ed threw her way — like when he demanded an STD test but wouldn’t get one himself or the times he called out her hairy legs, stank breath and living conditions on national TV. Plus she hated all the lies he told, from his short stature all the way to his decision to leave out the fact that he never wanted more kids.

The huge blowup between the pair came after Ed finally revealed that he wanted a vasectomy, which was the final straw for Rose who said from the get go that her dream was to have more children.

“I want kids because that’s my dream,” Rose told Ed. “Why you not tell me the truth [that] you not want a baby? Why you not tell me first before you come here?  Why not telling me first on chatting?”

Defending his actions, Ed explained that he wanted Rose to get to know him first to see if they were compatible before talking about the vasectomy. But this just angered Rose more and she went for the jugular, tearing Ed to shreds in a clip that’s gotten over 8.5 million views in less than three weeks.

“I know who you are. You first lie to me about height, right? Then you want to give me STD test, right? And about mouthwash, why you tell me? I know I have a sick and an ulcer,” Rose said. “I’m disappointed because you always embarrassed me. You give me feel like a little bit person. I think you not love me. I’m done.”

In response to Rosemarie’s rant, Big Ed got up and walked away — likely because he didn’t expect that a woman would choose her life of poverty over being in a relationship with him. As he walked away in sadness and shock, Rose packed her bags and took herself to the airport (king shit!) which led to the beautiful new meme we have today.

When Big Ed went back to his room, he noticed that all of Rose’s stuff was gone, resulting in the tearful realisation that his short-lived relationship was over. And once the footage was uploaded to YouTube, the @Bomboclaato Twitter page did its thing and threw the clip into the void to start the iconic ‘Big Ed Crying’ meme.

Here are the best ones so far:

You absolutely love to see it.

You can watch ’90 Day Fiancé’ on Foxtel or live through snippets uploaded on the TLC YouTube page.