The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over “Big Dick Energy”, A Perfect Concept

"Kermit The Frog definitely exudes big dick energy."

Big Dick Energy

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Upon learning about ‘Big Dick Energy’, it’s hard to imagine a world without it — a concept so simple, so universal in its application that it has obliterated the need for star signs or Meyers-Briggs personality tests. There is now only one question that defines a person: do they have BDE?

Of course, it’s possible you have no idea what we’re talking about. If that’s the case, here’s a primer.

The term blew up on Twitter in the last few days, though it was first coined a few weeks ago by writer Kyrell Grant.

We can actually blame/thank Ariana Grande for starting the entire conversation, after she tweeted that her fiancé Pete Davidson had a ten inch package. It’s since been deleted, but the internet never forgets. Since then, users have discussed Davidson’s member in length, asking whether it’s the force that has pushed their relationship into hyper-speed.

Before long, an important distinction was made — it’s not Davidson’s size that matters, but his exuding, magnetic confidence which is akin to having a big dick. And so, the concept of Big Dick Energy took off.

As we know, journalists can use their powers for good or evil — thankfully, we have been blessed by The Cut writer Allison P. Davis, who is behind a truly stunning explainer on what BDE is. Here’s a sample, but please read the whole thing:

“Well, there’s a certain gait — sort of like you’ve got a massive dick swinging around — but also a twinkle in the eye, like if you look right at that twinkle you can see a dick swinging in the eye. It’s that thing that makes people bogglingly attractive to others, like Pete Davidson. It also is reflected in the way others look at you. Like, you can see your own big dick swinging in their eye.”

Big Dick Energy does not necessitate a big dick — in The Cut‘s own list of examples, Martha Stewart and Rihanna have BDE, but Jon Hamm does not.

Anyone, regardless of their genitals, can have big dick energy. Not just anyone, but anything — as The Cut followed their earth-shattering article up with a list of New York subway lines with BDE.

Naturally, the internet is now freaking out to categorise everything in existence.

Some truths are hard to swallow, but the BDE index does not lie. It is a science.

The meme has had some unintended consequences. Stay tuned.