Liberal MP Says Bettina Arndt Should Lose Order Of Australia Merit After Hannah Clarke Comments

Arndt was criticised for praising a police officer's comments that Hannah Clarke's murderer might have been "driven too far".

Bettina Arndt

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Earlier this week, following the murder of Hannah Clarke, Queensland police office Mark Thompson said that the crime would be investigated with an “open mind.”

This story contains discussion of domestic abuse.

Almost immediately, these comments received widespread criticism from domestic violence charities. Shortly afterwards, the police force issued an apology for the comments, claiming that they were a mistake.

One commentator who didn’t believe they were a mistake, however, was Bettina Arndt. Arndt, who was recently awarded the Order of Australia merit, and who is well-known for her ‘not all men’ rhetoric, took to Twitter to praise the Queensland police for “awaiting proper evidence, including the possibility” that Hannah Clarke’s murderer might “have been driven too far.”

Arndt’s comments were widely and quickly decried, most notably by the ABC’s election analyst, Antony Green.

But perhaps the strongest indictment of Arndt’s words came from Liberal MP Tim Smith, who argued that Arndt’s Australia Day honours should be rescinded.

Arndt has not responded to Smith. In the days after her comments, she has continued to Tweet ‘not all men’ rhetoric.