7 Of The Best Podcasts If You’re Looking For A Fresh Start

Make us better people pls.

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Right now is the perfect time to kick off a fresh start. We just started 2018, we have heaps of time left in the holidays and we’re motivated as heck.

Whether you want to study harder, work smarter or generally try to be a more healthy person, there’s a wellbeing podcast that’ll help you make a change. Here are the best to listen to if you’re looking for a fresh start.

#1 Nutrition Diva Podcast

Silly name, great content. If you want a very quick explanation on how to eat good, the nutrition diva is your answer. Should we be listening to the influx of vegan documentaries? Are salty foods OK? Does what we eat reduce jet lag? Does diet soft drink cause dementia?

Nutrition and health stuff is constantly changing, and full of hard to understand jargon. This podcast efficiently answers the questions you quite literally wouldn’t think of asking.

#2 Dear Sugars

I’m a sucker for advice podcasts and columns. Dear Sugars follows Cheryl Strayed (author of Wild and former columnist for The Rumpus’ Dear Sugar column) and Steve Almond respond to letters of life questions sent in by listeners.

There’s something about listening to other people’s fuck-ups and having them neatly solved in half an hour that is just so soothing.

#3 ABC Health Report

Much like the Nutrition Diva, ABC’s Health Report breaks down some complex health stuff into easy (and quick) to listen episodes. It can get a bit dry but at seven minutes a pop, you’ll be all info’d up before you bat an eyelid.

#4 Working

Do you ever wonder what exactly people do all day at work? Like, just sit at a desk and shuffle papers or something? Well, Slate’s Working podcast answers that question about nearly every sort of profession you can dream of – from gender-reassignment surgeons to comic book artists to music educators.

At the very least, you’ll gain a voyeuristic insight into how people spend their days. At the most, you’ll get a better idea of what direction you’d like to head in. Win/win.

#5 Couch To 5k

Is one of your goals for 2018 to get a little more fit? How about putting a super attainable goal next to it, like being able to run 5k? This easy to follow podcast (and app!) will peel you off the couch and get you running before you can say “pass the Pringles can”.

#6 The One You Feed

The story behind this podcast’s (admittedly weird) name pretty much sums up what it’s about. It refers to an ancient Buddhist parable that goes along these lines: A grandad tells his grandchild that there are two wolves fighting inside us at all times – one of the wolves is bad and represents stuff like anger, greed, jealousy and the other is a good wolf that represents positive stuff like love, kindness and generosity. When the grandchild asks him which one wins, the grandfather answers, “The one you feed”.

The podcast explores all the things that’ll help us feed the good wolf inside of us like meditating, being kind to others and liking yourself a little more. It’s got impressive guests and a bunch of very helpful advice that you can implement in your day to day.

#7 Friendshipping

Wanna figure out how to be a better friend? Same. Friendshipping follows the same formula as Dear Sugars, answering questions from people who write with friendship dilemmas. You’ll learn a lot about whether you should tell a friend to quit smoking, or how to hang out with friends who have more money than you.