The Most Powerful Signs From Today’s March 4 Justice Protests Around Australia

Women at the March 4 Justice protests are furious, and these signs prove it.

March 4 Justice signs

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Thousands of women and allies have turned out around Australia for the huge Women’s March 4 Justice protests, calling for widespread change in federal parliament to end gendered violence. And they’re goddamn furious.

The protests and marches have been organised in the wake of high-profile allegations of rape in government, one against a senior parliamentary staffer by now-former staffer Brittany Higgins, and a second historical allegation against Attorney-General Christian Porter.

It’s estimated that tens of thousands of people have shown for the protests all around the country. Speeches from hundreds of women featured, including from Brittany Higgins herself, as well as Australian of the year Grace Tame.

A petition with well over 93,000 signatures will be delivered by survivors and allies to Parliament House in Canberra, with demands for politicians to address issues around sexism, misogyny and equality in the parliamentary workplace culture and in the wider community.

As women gathered together in solidarity and rage, they also used their creativity to create powerful, clever, and witty signs at the protests. Because what’s a protest without a great sign?

Here’s some of the best ones we’ve seen.

Image courtesy Jennetta Quinn-Bates


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A lot of signs were aimed specifically at Scott Morrison, and his extremely lacklustre response to the increase in allegations against members of parliament. True to form, our prime minister has criticised today for responding to the protests by implying that women should be grateful they haven’t been shot.

Image courtesy Jennetta Quinn-Bates