Double J Have Ranked The 50 Best Australian Albums Of The ’90s, And We Have Feelings

This is somewhat controversial.

Double J

Double J is on a ’90s ranking spree: shortly after deciding that Trainspotting sits above Romeo + Juliet as the decade’s best film soundtrack, and last year declaring You Am I’s ‘Berlin Chair’ to be ’90s Australia’s best song, they’ve taken aim at Australian albums.

At the top spot is Powderfinger’s third album Internationalist, which, while it isn’t exactly a contrarian take, is definitely riling up our inner music nerd — especially when it’s followed by Nick Cave and the Bad Seed’s Let Love In. 

Rounding out the top five is The Living End’s 1998 self-titled debut, Regurgitator’s Unit and You Am I’s Hi Fi Way. The full list is below. We’re sure you’ll have feelings, including but not limited to “why the hell is Silverchair’s Frogstomp so low down?”, “wow, I miss Jebediah”, and “where the fuck is Tina Arena’s 1994 sophomore album Don’t Ask, featuring the delightful ‘Sorrento Moon (I Remember)’?”

As to be expected, a few of the decade’s biggest acts made multiple dents in the list, with Powderfinger, Nick Cave, Silverchair, Crowded House and You Am I all appearing twice.

The ranking comes a day ahead of Double J’s day-long countdown on 14 Saturday September, featuring expert analysis — you can listen in from 12pm from your mobile, digital radio or online.

They’ve also published a full rationale of the list from the Double J team, if, like us, you need to know why Kylie Minogue’s 1994 opus Impossible Princess was robbed of cracking the top 10.

Double J’s Top 50 Australian Albums Of The ’90s

1. Powderfinger, Internationalist (1998)
2. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Let Love In (1994)
3. The Living End, The Living End (1998)
4. Regurgitator, Unit (1997)
5. You Am I, Hi Fi Way (1995)
6. Crowded House, Woodface (1991)
7. Silverchair, Neon Ballroom (1999)
8 Grinspoon, Guide To Better Living (1997)
9. Spiderbait, Ivy And the Big Apples (1996)
10. The Clouds, Penny Century (1991)
11. Midnight Oil, Blue Sky Mining (1990)
12. Jebediah, Slightly Odway (1997)
13. The Cruel Sea, The Honeymoon is Over (1993)
14. You Am I, Hourly, Daily (1996)
15. The Dirty Three, Ocean Songs (1998)
16. Kasey Chambers, The Captain (1999)
17. The Whitlams, Eternal Nightcap (1997)
18. Something For Kate, Beautiful Sharks (1999)
19. Yothu Yindi, Tribal Voice (1991)
20. Kylie Minogue, Impossible Princess (1997)
21. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Boatman’s Call (1997)
22. Died Pretty, Doughboy Hollow (1991)
23. Underground Lovers, Dream It Down (1994)
24. Paul Kelly & The Messengers, Comedy (1991)
25. Silverchair, Frogstomp (1995)
26. PNAU, Sambanova (1999)
27. Ed Kuepper, Honey Steel’s Gold (1991)
28. Baby Animals, Baby Animals (1991)
29. Frenzal Rhomb, A Man’s Not A Camel (1999)
30. Archie Roach, Charcoal Lane (1990)
31. Alex Lloyd, Black The Sun (1999)
32. The Superjesus, Sumo (1989)
33. Custard, We Have The Technology (1997)
34. TISM, Machiavelli and the Four Seasons (1995)
35. Christine Anu, Stylin’ Up (1995)
36. Fallings Joy, Wishlist (1990)
37. Beasts of Bourbon, The Low Road (1991)
38. Crowded House, Together Alone (1993)
39. Tiddas, Sing About Life (1993)
40. Single Gun Theory, Millions, Like Stars In My Hands, Daggers In My Heart, Wage War (1991)
41. Dave Graney & The Coral Snakes, Night Of The Wolverine (1993)
42. Ruby Hunter, Thoughts Within (1994)
43. Tumbleweed, Tumbleweed (1992)
44. Deborah Conway, Bitch Epic (1993)
45. INXS, X (1990)
46. Mark of Cain, III At Ease (1995)
47. Hunters & Collectors, Cut (1992)
48. Vika & Linda, Vika & Linda (1994)
49. Skunkhour, Feed (1995)
50. Frente!, Marvin The Album (1992)