Victoria’s Shadow Assistant Minister For Autism Under Fire For Posting An Ableist Meme

The petition calling for his resignation has almost 500 signatures.

bernie finn

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Victoria’s Shadow Assistant Minister for Autism, Bernie Finn, posted a photoshopped picture of Premier Dan Andrews with crossed eyes. The picture had the words “If 2020 was a person” written on it, and a caption by Finn saying “no argument here!”.

It has now been deleted from Finn’s Facebook page after being up for 10 hours, however no apology or explanation has been provided

While it was live, many people pointed out the ableism the post depicted, the MP doubled down on the joke.

In one instance, someone asked “wouldn’t this be considered bullying ‘special’ people?” to which Finn responded “he’s too bloody special!” — ‘special’ being a word often used negatively or sarcastically to imply a person is disabled. When someone else asked whether he thinks “it is appropriate for an MP to be posting [this] publicly”, Finn replied “I have no problem with it”.

Finn has previously been criticised for similar behaviour. Earlier this year, another Facebook post suggested Andrews was having explicit relations with a goat in a public toilet. He has also  refused to stand for Victoria Parliament’s Acknowledgement to Country, and has said women who have been raped should not be able to have abortions.

People are now petitioning for Finn to resign.

Junkee has reached out for comment.