This Cosplayer Just Expertly Trolled Millions Of Horny Fans

It involved an Instagram, a pair of scissors, and the promise of some very lewd content.

Belle Delphine is an Instagram and Youtube star

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In certain corners of the internet, Youtuber, model and cosplayer Belle Delphine is something of a star.

Though she’s yet to hit the mainstream entirely, the London-based internet celebrity has amassed over three million followers on Instagram, and she boasts over 4,000 Patreon subscribers. Even stories only tangentially related to Delphine deeply permeate certain sub-cultures — for instance, a video in which a Youtube user offers to pay her $3,000 to pose as his partner has hit the three million views mark, even though Delphine herself doesn’t even feature.

So yeah, basically she’s a huge deal.

Such a big deal that she’s recently been able to pull off an admirable prank on her horniest of followers.

The viral sensation promised that if she got one million likes on a single NSFW Instagram post, she’d start a Pornhub channel. Importantly, she didn’t explain exactly what would go up on the channel — only that she’d make one. You can probably see where this is going.

Well, unsurprisingly, given her massive clout, Delphine hit the million mark easily — as of writing, in fact, the post is just cusping on hitting two million likes.

True to her word, Delphine has indeed started a channel. Only, the videos might not exactly be to the tastes of her fanbase. Rather than distinctly lewd content, the clips feature the cosplayer eating a picture of immensely popular Youtuber Pewdiepie, playing with stuffed toys, and in a video entitled ‘Belle Delphine Gets Scissored’, opening and closing a pair of plastic scissors.

Indeed, pretty much every video has a bait and switch pun: in ‘Belle Gets Double Penetrated’ she inserts two cigarettes up her nostrils and lights them; in ‘Belle Squirts’ she fires a water pistol all over the floor.

A swathe of her followers have been distinctly displeased by this turn of events — on Pornhub, most of the videos have a staggering number of dislikes, and hordes of angry comments.

But hey, the internet at large seems to be liking the troll move just fine. As one Twitter user described it, the internet is a game, and Delphine appears to have just won that game.