Belle Delphine Managed To Scam Desperate Men Once Again After Her ‘GamerGirl Condoms’ Sell Out

The woman responsible for "GamerGirl Bath Water" is back at it again.

bella delphine condoms

Belle Delphine went viral last year after she started selling “GamerGirl Bathwater” for $30 a pop.

Back in July 2019, Belle Delphine — a YouTuber, model, cosplayer and now, OnlyFans creator from the UK — announced that she was selling branded jars of her bath water. And, as expected, the horny and desperate men of the world ate it up and sold it out in two days.

Even though a “molecular biologist” tried to debunk the product, by claiming that the “bath water” had no traces of human DNA, the horny gamers of the world did not care and still purchased the jar of desperation. Nothing short of iconic, tbh.

Well, capitalising off her horny male fanbase, Delphine has been able to scam desperate men once again by selling branded “GamerGirl Condoms” for $10 each.

Announcing the sale of the limited edition condoms at the end of her ‘eat my ass‘ music video, Belle sold out of the pink rubbers in just a few hours. This super fast sale was probably helped by the horny clip she shared to Twitter, where she blew up one of her $10 condoms as she said “Rise up Gamer Boys, it’s time to get your Gamer Girl condoms!”

But people quickly noted that Belle was probably targeting the entirely wrong audience for this product considering the sex life of most gamer boys. No, seriously, what man with two monitors and a light up keyboard do you know that needs a condom? Exactly.

Ugh, we stan a queen who scams dumb, horny men for all they’ve got.