Junk Explained: Is Someone Actually Selling “Gamer Girl Bath Water”, And Are People Buying It?

Belle Delphine is a YouTuber and cosplayer who is definitely selling her bathwater for $30.

Belle Delphine Gamer Girl Bath Water

You might know Belle Delphine as the YouTuber, model, and cosplayer who recently went viral when she managed to troll all her horniest fans with a fake Pornhub prank.

Or, you might know her from her most recent stunt, which is selling her bathwater to horny perverts.

Belle Delphine is huge online — she has amassed over three million followers on Instagram alone, and she boasts over 4,000 Patreon subscribers.

Even stories only tangentially related to Delphine deeply permeate certain sub-cultures — for instance, a video in which a Youtube user offers to pay her $3,000 to pose as his partner has hit the three million views mark, even though Delphine herself doesn’t even feature.

She’s big!

Gamer Girl Bathwater

On July 1st, the UK-based internet personality announced on her Instagram that she would be selling her bath water to fans via her online store for $30 per jar. I mean — we respect the hustle! Taking money from horny men is legitimately iconic and also a victimless grift!

Selling weird shit to gross dudes is not an unheard of thing, but the novelty of the specifically calling it “Gamer Girl Bathwater” is a pretty new and novel triumph of branding.

It came labelled with the warning that “This really is bath water… disclaimer: This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.”

So, wanking, basically.

But, Tweets about the bathwater went off outside her already large fanbase, bringing the concept to a whole bunch of other people.

Gamer Girl Bathwater went off rather unexpectedly, prompting a bunch of weird(er) shit.

Bathwater Controversies

People really got all riled up about the goddamn bath water, claiming that the bath water was dangerous, or a scam.

Someone even tried to impersonate the Daily Mail online, to spread a hoax about the bathwater being infected with herpies. The tweet was posted by the now banned @BakeRises account, which at that time bore the name ‘Daily Mail US’ and the logo of the Daily Mail website as its profile picture, using the caption “Over 50 People Have Reportedly Contracted Herpes After Drinking Instagram Star, Belle Delphine’s Bath Water”.

Then, a knockoff website was set up claiming to sell her “Gamer Girl Pee”, which was also very fake.

However, the bathwater nonetheless, managed to sell out in two days. What a win for online culture.


However the LATEST twist in this ridiculous saga is claims that the bathwater… is in fact… a scam.

A so-called “molecular biologist” has claimed that Delphine’s bath water was not, in fact, bath water, since it supposedly contains no traces of human DNA. This, the post went on, would mean that her customers had grounds for a class action lawsuit.

A bunch of YouTubers have been uploading videos which  claim they had received Delphine’s bath water, getting in on the trends by posting reactions and unboxing. YouTuber Vito even posted a video of himself “vaping” her water, although he lated admitted that it was just a joke.

But, Nobody Even Has The Bathwater Yet

According to Delphine’s social media, no one has actually RECEIVED the bath water anyway, because it hadn’t yet been shipped to customers when these accusations emerged.

She addressed all the accusations and rumours, saying that “nobody has been hospitalised from my bath water, or have gotten sick. All of these memes were posted before I even shipped any out.”

Like with most things online of this nature, it’s evolved more into a meme than an actual thing, and a lot of the popularity and discussion of the bathwater is definitely more in an ironic/ humorous fashion than anything else. There’s even a very real chance that the majority of purchases were more about getting in on the joke than anything else.

But we should never underestimate the horniness of men online, so maybe it’s more 50/50.

Belle Delphine is an expert troller, who is very in on the joke.