All The Games I Need To Play On This Adorable Tiny Playstation

sony playstation mini console with praise hands

Headphones on: cast your mind back to this absolute beast of a feast for the senses, courtesy of PlayStation.


That’s the sound of pure, sweet, somewhat dusty nostalgia, my friends — and it could be all yours. A mini-version, at least.

We’ve already seen Atari “Flashback” and Nintendo NES and SNES “mini” consoles rolled out over the last couple of years and to be a tad brutal, some of them sucked.  Sony is jumping on board with the $149.99 PlayStation Classic, available December 3 — and I’m optimistic.

It looks exactly like a teensy lil original PlayStation, which is cool and all, but the most important thing is, obviously, the games. It comes with 20 loaded and ready go — Final Fantasy VII and Tekken 3 will be playable, as will RIIIIIIIIDGE RACEEEEEEEER which alone makes this an insta-buy from me.  

Wild Arms and Jumping Flash are the only other confirmed titles, though — which leaves us with this: my personal wishlist for the other 15 games I want to play on mini PS1. I’ve even thrown in some comments from the most discerning of gamers, YouTube commenters, to support my case.

You listening, Sony? Cool.

Gran Turismo

“gran turismo is twenty times better than mario kart” — MM 2-D 555 ex-aid

Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone

“Holy shit, I remember this. I was scared shitless by this game.” — Johannes Cross-Warren

Tomb Raider

“Im kind of weird but sometimes I just like having this on in the background and hearing all the familiar sounds and music…it’s sort of comforting. Reminds me of a simpler time” — Jonathan Martin

Crash Bandicoot

“hahaha holy shit ! i remember playing this on ps1 !!! too bad the newer generation wont ever know what it’s like to live in a world with limited technology, the time where to have fun we would go out and play with sticks and troll cops.” — M R

Metal Gear Solid

“Omg… Grandpa Max! What are you doing in metal gear solid? Go back to Ben 10.” — wolfexqueen

Spyro the Dragon

“nostalgia kicking in so hard. i remember i played this with my big bro when i was 4, and i wasn’t even speak english in that time! (im from Argentina) and the game was entirely in english and i passed it! thanks to those 15 years of gaming since the sega genesis now i learned english without studying or going to an academy! god bless video games… so many memories when i was a little kid…. omg…. when i used to play with my bro… now we are both adults and shit… each one by his own side studying… we almost dont do anything fun together anymore… how i miss being a kid… small things that really makes you happy… that’s what life’s about…” — john hamlet


“why rayman don’t have arms, legs or neck? :c” — elipe Mastermind

Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee

“I used to play this game with I was 4. I didn’t know what was going on and I didn’t pay attention to what I was supposed to do. Now I see the games plot so differently.” — Mickle The Nickle

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

“I was born in 94, my brother 91. So much amazing memories, so simple back then, now life is full of pain.” — ImKoolWithThis


“I remember when I was 2 or 3 years old sitting in my grandma’s living room, when she showed me this strange thing called a Playstation. Then she put this weird looking thin plastic doughnut that said Frogger on the front of it into the Playstation. When the game came on, she showed me how to play the game. Thus, my gaming adventure begun.” — Walactor


“in my memories, this game had about the same graphics as gta5 now… and now i am seeing this video and i am like: damn…thats a helluva fast potato” —  steef wolf

Resident Evil

“I’ll NEVER forget my first playthrough. I spent many a late night alone with this game in my mid 20s… creeped the hell out! This game, as horrible as the acting is, was the coolest friggin’ thing to ever come down the pike up to that point. Loved the Hades out of this damn game ! It’s the whole reason I bought a PS1.” — quazzie1

Dino Crisis

“Resident evil with dinos.” — Kristian

Crash Team Racing

“Ripper Roo always scared me as a kid….” — Joshua Deale

Silent Hill

“You wanna grow some real cojones? play this game while on acid, in the middle of the night when it’s foggy out, in a rundown church located in an abandoned town, somewhere in the midwest.” —Victor Vance

Well said, Victor Vance. Well said.