Becca Hatch Sucks: “My Morning Starts With Immediate Chaos”


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Our new regular column explores the ways in which our favourite people suck — from how they waste money to the bad health decisions they’re making — in the hope that we’ll learn from their mistakes.

Let’s be clear from the off: Becca Hatch doesn’t actually suck. Her music is fresh and exciting; she has excellent taste in collaborators, and she’s landing coveted gigs and tours with the likes of Vera Blue and Spacey Jane. All this, and she’s only 22. But ask Becca what she thinks she sucks at and she has a litany of concerns — from mindless TikTok scrolling to sleeping patterns that leave a lot to be desired.   

It’s this stuff, the niggles that don’t make it into CVs, social feeds or interviews, that we want this column to spotlight. Let’s be honest, it’s kinda nice to pull back the curtain and get an unvarnished look into our favourite people’s lives. It’s nice to know that all of us suck at things sometimes. 

Junkee: A mistake that turned into an opportunity?

Becca: Any time a relationship of mine has ended, it’s always become new songwriting material. 

Cringe quote you used to live by?

Not really a quote, but when I was 17-18 my friends and I used to play the game ‘what are the odds’ for literally everything. We all agreed that whatever it was no matter how bad or unhinged it was, we’d have to do it. 

The worst failure you’re up for sharing, and what you learned from it? 

The worst failure I think I’ve made would have been allowing other people to take control of my creativity and my life. I learnt to trust myself, my vision and my gut a lot more.

Something you used to be wrong about?

I feel like I used to be wrong about gaming. I used to see playing games as something that was seen as lazy and unproductive, although I’ve realised that it’s an outlet for stress and a way to balance work and fun. 

Embarrassing internet habit?

Okay don’t judge me but back like two years ago, I was in the midst of finishing a uni degree and when I was studying at home I would put different relaxing videos on in the background to help me focus and chill out. Sometimes I’d put Mukbangs of people eating lollies on in the background. For some reason, it was somewhat satisfying and super chill. 

becca hatch bonds campaign

Becca fronts Bonds latest Rhythm of the Night Sleep range.

Ideal morning routine vs. actual morning routine

My ideal morning routine would be waking up in a house by the water, going for a swim at the beach and then reading and laying up in the sun. Although, my morning usually starts off with immediate chaos from the 20 alarms that I previously set the night before. After the first two or three alarms I get up, head to the pool or make some coffee and start the day. Some mornings each week I try and get up at around six for a quick swim at my local pool; those days I always feel my best and most productive. Then before I go or do anything else I always have to make sure I do my skin care, so I wash, moisturise and apply sunscreen to my face. Then I get on that admin grind before I head anywhere else. 

Something very off-brand for you? 

This is completely random but one of my comfort shows is Dance Academy, not sure why but I think I’ve watched it through probably like five times.

Bad health decision?

Not getting enough sleep for sure. I stay up way too late most nights and then get up early the next morning, I definitely need to prioritise rest!

What do you waste money on?

Pop mart figures omg. The figures are so cute and I feel like I get a little dopamine hit every time I get a new mystery box and not know what’s in it. Then it’s so satisfying when you get the one that you want! The only problem for me though is that for some reason I have bad luck and mostly seem to get the ones I don’t want and then double up on those.

Worst procrastination habit?

Definitely mindlessly scrolling through TikTok or Reels. I HATE the feeling of when you realise that you lost track of what you were meant to be doing because you were scrolling and I always get caught in that loop.

Listen to Becca Hatch’s latest collaborative single with Kian “All Of Me”, and have a peek at the Bonds collection she fronts here.

Image: Becca Hatch, Supplied, with illustration by Matt Lauricella