The Latest TikTok Trend Is The Perfect Way To Dramatically Call Out Everyone In Your Life

BGC Drama Effect is truly the most chaotic, yet perfect, TikTok trend yet.

'BGC Drama Effect' TikTok

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Calling out anyone and everyone as dramatic music plays in the background is the latest, and greatest, trend on TikTok.

While people sharing their controversial takes on TikTok is a pretty common, every day thing, the ‘BGC Drama Effect’ trend takes it a step further by calling out these sometimes questionable opinions others have.

But these TikToks aren’t limited to only calling out those on the app. Instead, people are using the trend to chaotically and hilariously call out the little things that parents, siblings, men, women, and teachers, often say.

While some people chose to use red lights for added theatrics, the trend is really just tied together by on one main element: The dramatic audio track used.

All the ‘BGC Drama Effect’ videos are set to ‘Primal Fear’ by James, an instrumental track that’s often used in reality shows during dramatic scenes — most notably during the fight scenes in series like Bad Girls Club, hence the name of the trend.

The audio may also sound familiar because it’s the same one used in the equally dramatic ‘Nobody’s Gonna Know’ TikToks from last year.

The trend appears to have been started by TikTok creator, Isaiah Washington, who posted his first video with the dramatic audio and lighting change on February 11.

In his original video, @relatableisaiah calls out those who constantly want to be involved in what he does with his life, but don’t want financially contribute to it.

Then, in follow-up videos, Isaiah shuts down other topics like people who try to invalidate his sexuality and the grubby men who tell women that no one will want them if they “show their body” off too much.

Following Isaiah’s videos going viral, TikTok creator @whozmanzz decided to share the dramatic audio as a standalone track to make it easier for those interested in participating in the trend. And, boy oh boy, were people interested.

Very quickly @whozmanzzz’s ‘BGC Drama Effect’ audio shot across the platform, and has already been used on over 340,000 videos since it was made about a week ago. Now TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram is getting flooded by people hilariously and chaotically calling out anyone they can with the most dramatic soundtrack imaginable.

So, here are the funniest ‘BGC Drama Effect’ TikTok videos so far: