‘BBC’ Dad Is Back On Live TV (With His Kids) To Bring Joy To Our Lives Just When We Need It

'BBC' Dad returns!

BBC Dad returns to live TV

What seems like a lifetime ago, back in 2017, a political analyst named Robert Kelly appeared on BBC and became a hero.

Kelly, who had appeared on the news in order to share his expertise about South Korea, was interrupted when his young child burst into the room behind him, followed by his desperate wife. It was a moment of pure, unfiltered slapstick, the kind of joyous hilarity that transcends cultural barriers.

Just watch it again and tell me that it doesn’t make you laugh as much as it did three years ago.

Now, three years later, and in the midst of a destructive and disruptive global pandemic, Kelly and his family are back to talk about the strain of working from home.

The family, who live in South Korea, are practising good social distancing, as people around the world have been encouraged to do. Kelly admitted that’s a big challenge at the moment  — the strain of working from home and juggling work and family is, he says, “really, really tough.”

Of course, most eyes will not be on BBC Dad but his BBC Children. They dealt with the boredom of sitting around and listening to their dad talk as you’d expect — by fidgeting, playing with handheld gaming devices, and generally being cheeky.

Needless to say, the whole thing has been met with peals of delight from the internet at large.

We’ve missed you, BBC Dad. Please never leave our side again.