RIP To The Bayswater Bridge, Which Is Being Replaced After 100 Years Of Carnage

It's been 41 days since its last incident.

bayswater bridge

The Bayswater Bridge is arguably one of Perth’s most infamous attractions.

I mean, yeah, Western Australia’s got some of Australia’s best beaches, and cute quokkas. Points also for your giant pink lake.

But you almost can’t claim to be a true Perth resident until you’ve been stuck in traffic because some truckie has slammed into the Baysie Bridge — again.

The 100-year-old structure in the east of the city has dented the pride (and roof) of many a motorist who tried to take on its low 3.8 metre clearance, and lost.

Multiple warning signs don’t seem to prevent people from getting scalped by the notorious overpass either. This year alone it has been hit four times in the first four months.

The bridge has its own dedicated website,, where you’re invited to “pay your respects to these poor souls”.

It also has its own Twitter account, where they lovingly keep a running tally of how many days it’s been since the bridge claimed its last victim.

Luckily for drivers (but sadly for amused onlookers) the bridge is being replaced as part of a multi-million upgrade of the Bayswater train station.

They’ve wisely decided to raise the bridge to 4.8 metres, which is well clear of the height limit for most heavy vehicles in Australia (4.3m, in case you’re interested).

No longer will truck drivers hold their breath along King William St; no longer will towies be called out in peak hour to assist some poor soul who’s been paying more attention to the sat nav than the street signs.

While it’s undoubtedly good news, people are still mourning the indelible imprint the bridge has had on the Perth psyche, making tribute to the iconic landmark.

The last time the bridge was hit was on April 9 — the same day WA’s Transport Minister announced the contractor for the new bridge construction.

Vale, Bayswater Bridge. At least we still have Melbourne’s Montague Bridge.

Feature Image: Twitter/ @BellTowerTimes