Barnaby Joyce Makes Dig At Kids Fighting Climate Change By Comparing To War In Ukraine RN

“Those carrying coffins out of Ukraine churches are not focused on climate change.”

Barnaby Joyce Ukraine

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Barnaby Joyce has been accused of using the war in Ukraine to detract from the climate crisis after comments made in an address on Thursday.

The Deputy Prime Minister told the Rural Press Club Queensland that young people should be counting their lucky stars for their “rights and liberties” in Australia, instead of being angry about the Morrison Government’s ever-growing approvals for new mining projects.

“The people of democratic Taiwan could offer some compass points of priorities,” said Joyce. “Those carrying coffins out of Ukraine churches are not focused on climate change, as the aggressor has never made it an item of negotiation on a ceasefire.”

His comments come after the federal court overturned a decision this week that ruled the Environment Minister had a duty of care to protect young people from climate change after the original case was fought by eight teenagers and a nun last year.

Joyce called it “naive” to think that “adolescent notoriety is a licence against logic” — in other words, young people should just be seen and not heard like the good old days, and trust in their leaders to look after them instead. “Will they stand behind their views when Greta Thunberg’s ‘blah blah blah’ oration fails to defend their rights and liberties?” he asked.

“As a premonition of tragedy, they are at precisely the right age to suffer the outcome of other deadly or overwhelming encumbrances on those liberties that allow them to go to our nation’s High Court.”

Joyce also advocated for nuclear submarines, and announced a nearly $440 million commitment to the Urannah Dam in the state, despite the project not having the necessary environmental approvals yet.

Meanwhile, at home, the Climate Council lashed out at Scott Morrison last week for failing to mention climate change when addressing residents of Lismore who have lost homes and loved ones amid the recent floods in NSW.