Barnaby Joyce Is Making Anti-Abortion Robocalls, And NSW Would Like Him To Bugger Off

This is the same guy who told people to "get out of my face" during the marriage equality debate.

barnaby joyce

Barnaby Joyce truly does not know when to stop. Last night, the washed-up husk of a politician started robo-calling people in NSW to share anti-abortion lies, and the recipients of those calls are not happy.

The call was timed to arrive before NSW Parliament resumes debate on an abortion decriminalisation bill today, and it featured a number of nasty, blatantly untrue “facts” about the bill.

Robo-Barnaby claimed that the bill “legalises abortion for any reason right up until the day of birth” (it doesn’t), and “allows sex-selective abortions” (medical professionals say there is no evidence that sex-selective abortion is happening in NSW — more on that here). You can hear an excerpt of the call, which Joyce says he’s making on behalf of the “Foundation for Human Development”, below.

Recipients of the calls are taking to social media to let Barnaby know they’re pretty pissed off by this — not only are the facts wrong, but given that the calls arrived around dinner time, many are concerned that children heard or even received them.

It’s also pretty rich for Barnaby Joyce to be weighing in on the personal lives of women via robocall, given that he consistently urges the public to stay out of his own personal business. This is the guy who begged for privacy when he left his wife and daughters to have a baby with his former staffer, and told people to “get out of his face” and not pressure him about his views on marriage equality during the postal survey.

“I can’t stand these people who stand at the corner and start yelling at you about what your views are on a very personal issue, just get out of my face, leave me alone I will make the decision up myself,” he said at the time.

Barnaby Joyce, on behalf of NSW we beg you: please take your own advice and fuck off.

Oh, and if you’re thinking of calling Barnaby Joyce’s office to give him a taste of his own medicine, we regret to inform you that the phone lines are currently disconnected. Convenient for him, huh?