Barnaby Joyce Just Filmed A Photographer Who Was “Hiding In The Bushes” And It’s Insane

A week after he sat down for an interview that reportedly made him $150,000 richer, former deputy PM Barnaby Joyce has broadcasted a video on Twitter of someone he believes was following him around in an attempt to take professional photos.

“Why do you keep following us around with our cameras?” Joyce asks in the video.

“It’s our job,” the man responds.

“Why do you keep hiding in the bushes? Who do you work for?” Joyce presses.

The video then takes quite a turn: the photographer alleges that Joyce threatened to punch him as he came out of church.

“How can you seriously come out of church and size someone up to punch them,” the photographer says. “If I hadn’t actually walked away you would have clubbed me.”

Joyce completely denied the claim, saying that he “didn’t size someone up to punch them”.

In the video, Joyce asks for the photographer’s name over a dozen times, but doesn’t receive an answer.

When the photographer turned to walk away, Joyce followed him.

“Why are you walking away?” he asks.

Bystanders also jumped in.

“You were hiding behind the tree like a rotten snake mate, leave us alone,” one said. “Can’t he just even come to church and pray to God?”

Here’s the video:

He also put up another, shorter video of the photographer:

Joyce resigned as deputy PM and leader of the Nationals after it was revealed that he was in a relationship with a former staffer. The staffer, Vikki Campion, recently gave birth to their son.

Joyce faced backlash after taking a $150,000 payment to participate in an hour-long interview with Channel Seven. This week he also faced criticism for not supporting a ban on anti-abortion protestors outside abortion clinics.

Some are arguing that it’s hypocritical for Joyce to complain about harassers, and not support the anti-abortion protestors legislation.

Joyce is currently on leave.