Ratfucked: Barnaby Joyce Has Absolutely Gone In On Malcolm Turnbull

Imagine being lectured on honour by Barnaby Joyce.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been stitched up by his former deputy PM, Barnaby Joyce, who has insisted the big man should do “the right thing” and resign if polls don’t improve by Christmas.

Joyce made the remarks on Monday during an interview with Sky News, shortly after the Coalition lost its 30th consecutive Newspoll.

“If you truly believe this is exactly the sentiment of the people, then you also have an obligation not to drive your party, or the government, off a cliff,” said Joyce.

“You have an obligation to all around you that if you honestly believe that is the case, then you must do something about it and do the honourable thing and start grooming an alternative.”

Because nobody understands honour like Barnaby Joyce.

Joyce insisted that the Coalition was still “a long, long way” from considering a change in leadership, and that he was just stating “the bleeding obvious”.

“Nobody wants to go to a federal election which you know you’re going to lose. It’s like playing in the losing grand final.”

But it’s worth pointing out that as a National, Barnaby Joyce actually has no say in who the Liberals elect as leader (and therefore Prime Minister). It’s also not that long since Joyce was blasting the PM for interfering in internal Liberal party matters. The more things change, etc etc…

During an appearance on Q&A, multicultural affairs minister Alan Tudge defended Turnbull, saying that “I don’t think it was a particularly useful contribution from Barnaby this afternoon.”

Funnily enough, I don’t think Joyce was trying to be useful. But maybe that’s just me.