All The Best Twitter Reactions To A Bunch Of Politicians Getting Booted From Parliament

Yep, even Netflix is in on the roast.

Man, nothing says Friday arvo like a bunch of politicians getting booted from Parliament!

As is sacred tradition every time Australian politicians do something stupid (most days), the people have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts, feelings and memes. Given that two of the politicians we’re farewelling today are Australia’s least faves Barnaby Joyce and Malcolm Roberts, most of those thoughts/feelings/memes can be pretty simply summed up as “fucking stoked”.

Here are all the best reactions we’ve seen to the news this arvo. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve organised them into Malcolm Roberts Roasts and Barnaby Joyce Roasts.

Show Me The Spiciest Malcolm Roberts Roasts

And lol, remember that time Roberts said he chooses to believe he was never British?

Shoutout to the High Court website for crashing right before the decision:

Now Show Me The Spiciest Barnaby Joyce Roasts

Ah, Australia, where the Leader of the Opposition is definitely not above a petty retweet.

And finally, here’s one for all you Hard Quiz fans out there (great show, please watch it).

Anyway, it’s great that we’ve entered an era in Australian politics where just the words “stable majority government” constitute an incredible joke. Good times.