Barnaby Joyce Is Getting Dragged For Suggesting Kmart Customers Don’t Care About Climate Change

Caring about the environment and enjoying the low, low prices of your local Kmart aren't mutually exclusive.

barnaby joyce

Former Nationals Leader and current sad man Barnaby Joyce has been ridiculed on social media after suggesting that people who shop at Kmart don’t care about climate change.

Joyce made the comment at a media conference in Canberra on Monday while talking about energy policy and the drought.

“The issue is this: people in the Kmart, people in the local pub, they don’t care about the Paris agreement,” Joyce insisted. “It means nothing to them. It has no purpose.”

“What matters to them is this: that they can be able to afford their power bills and they currently cannot,” he continued. “It’s not about power prices staying where they are. They are too high. They’ve got to go down.”

Now obviously when Joyce says people in the Kmart, he means regular folk, true blue Aussies like him, not those sneering lefties and their scientist mates who won’t shut up about making sure the planet remains… y’know… inhabitable.

But it turns out caring about the environment and enjoying the low, low prices of your local Kmart aren’t mutually exclusive. At least, not according to people on the internet, who were quick to take ol’ Barnaby to task.

Also, according to its website, Kmart itself really cares about the environment. On it’s “Our Planet” page, Kmart talks about some of the steps it’s taking to reduce its environmental footprint, including phasing out plastic, reducing waste and using ethically sourced cocoa.

Then there’s this: “By December 2020, we will reduce average store energy use (and therefore greenhouse gas emissions) by at least 20%.”

Kmart 1. Barnaby 0.