A Random Hero Called Crime Stoppers On Barnaby Joyce For Not Masking Up At A Petrol Station

Day 2.5 of NSW's lockdown...

Barnaby Joyce Fine

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Barnaby Joyce was slapped with a $200 fine by NSW Police after someone called Crime Stoppers on him for not wearing a mask at a petrol station. The Deputy Prime Minister was reportedly filling up a car in Armidale, when he was spotted mask-less as he went to pay.

A member of the public called Crime Stoppers on him for not adhering to lockdown restrictions in the state, which necessitates wearing a mask in all indoor non-residential settings until Friday, July 9.

Joyce was apparently inside for ‘less than a minute’ according to Channel 9 News. Police checked CCTV before issuing him the Penalty Infringement Notice, with a statement reading that he breached  the Public Health Act.


Everyone’s losing it trying to imagine how the conversation with the concerned citizen went down during their brave act of public service.

If you too spot an elected official contravening the current NSW Health Order for COVID-19, you can contact Crime Stoppers here.