Barnaby Joyce’s Youngest Daughter Has Slammed Her Dad Over His Stance On Abortion

"Once again I do not support you."

Odette Joyce slams Barnaby Joyce

Barnaby Joyce’s youngest daughter has hit out at her father on Instagram over his outdated views on abortion.

15-year-old Odette Joyce posted an Instagram story featuring a screenshot of an SBS news article about Barnaby leading an anti-abortion rally in Sydney. Over the top of the screenshot, she wrote “and once again, I don’t support you”.

Barnaby Joyce separated from Odette’s mother Natalie after it emerged he had fathered a child with his former media advisor and now partner, Vikki Campion.

In recent weeks, the former Nationals party leader, who now sits on the backbench, has taken a leading role in the fight against the push to decriminalise abortion in NSW… much to the annoyance of the people of NSW.

Earlier this month, he went out of his way to share an anti-abortion statement on the floor of parliament, declaring that no one should have “the power today to declassify another person as less than human, and by so doing removing their most fundamental right to be alive”.

So good on Odette for telling him to get fucked. Parents can be insufferable at the best of times, so I can only image what it’s like having that massive gronk for a dad.