Barnaby Joyce Is Back On His Climate Denial Bullshit After Bizarre Parliament Speech

"I am going to be the sceptic, because I don't like this quasi-religion that has evolved about this."

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Australia is getting closer to finally enshrining new emission reduction targets into legislation, with the government’s Climate Bill passing the House of Representatives today.

Announced by the government in June, Australia’s new climate targets of 43% emissions reductions by 2030 were successfully approved through the House of Representatives after support from The Greens and Liberal Party MP Bridget Archer.

However, not everybody is happy with Australia’s attitude towards climate change. Former National Party leader and current Shadow Minister for Veteran’s Affairs Barnaby Joyce, launched into a lengthy diatribe as the bill was discussed in parliament yesterday — labelling climate activism  “a form and extension of a paranoia”. 

I’ve always wondered why perfectly sane, well-educated individuals fall for this form of absolutism,” Joyce said at the start of an achingly long speech that mixed musings about religion with incorrect scientific data verging on outright climate change denial. 

“At other times in history, this quasi-religion, this absolute belief, this unquestioning adherence has done some very dangerous things,” said Joyce. “You need people to stand up and say: ‘I’m going to question this,’ because it’s got to happen. I am going to be the sceptic, because I don’t like this quasi-religion that has evolved about this.”

Joyce then launched into a direct assault on the bill, telling Australians they are “poorer because of climate policy”. In a hilarious moment ripped straight out of The Thick Of It, Joyce went on to say that one of the horrifying consequences of the new legislation could be global temperatures remaining the same. You are going to become poorer still, and because of this, the temperature of the globe will stay exactly where it is at the moment,” Joyce said, blissfully unaware that yes, this was the point. 

 Proceeding to wax lyrical about the new Liberal Party line — ie nuclear power — Joyce expressed fears that Australia was being left behind due to its hesitance in adopting nuclear power, ie something the previous government didn’t think about after nine years in power. 

“We’ve resigned ourselves to being the dumb country. We’re going to be the dumbos!” Joyce exclaimed.

Sadly, for a certain percentage of our current political class, it may already be too late.