Barnaby Joyce Will Be Paid $150K For A Channel 7 Interview With His Partner And Bub

In February he told media to "move on".

Barnaby Joyce Interview

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Former Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce will be joined on screen by partner Vikki Campion and new bub Sebastian Joyce in an interview with Channel 7 that will reportedly cost the broadcaster $150,000.

Joyce — who was also deputy PM — stepped down as leader of the National Party after it was revealed that he had separated with his wife, and was expecting a child with former staffer Campion.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the whole $150,000 will be placed in a trust fund for baby Sebastian. The high interview cost came after Channel 7’s Sunday Night beat out Channel 9’s 60 Minutes in a bidding contest.

In response to news that the interview would go ahead, some are questioning the ethics of the move.

Co-host of The Project Hamish Macdonald questioned why both the Channel 7 and Joyce were participating in the interview.

Joyce repeatedly asked for privacy when details of his new relationship were revealed. In one free interview earlier in the year, he called the Daily Telegraph’s initial exposè an “outrageous” breach of privacy. In another interview, also unpaid, Joyce said it was time for the media to “move on“.

ABC radio host Wendy Harmer questioned how this would impact Joyce’s former wife and their four daughters.

Others piled on:

As a result of stepping down as Nationals leader and deputy PM, Joyce took a big pay cut: while he was paid more than $400,000 a year in his old job, as a backbencher he’s now paid around $200,000.

On Sky News this morning, human services minister Michael Keenan fielded questions about the lucrative interview, but didn’t want to distract from current government business:

“It’s not something that I’m going to run a commentary on. It was a distraction in the earlier part of the year and obviously we don’t want to revisit that, but this isn’t my focus, it isn’t the focus of the government,” he said.