This Guy Made A Dancefloor Banger By Playing Barcodes And It’s The Best Thing You’ll See Today

True art.

Barcode music Ei Wada

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Humans are, if nothing else, extremely inventive.

Whenever we are faced with a problem, we can almost certainly come up with some kind of solution. We wanted to go to the moon. We got there. We wanted to develop a vaccine for a range of contagious diseases. We got them. We hungered for a remake of Pocahontas starring realistic-looking nine-foot tall blue people. We created Avatar.

Oh, and hey, if none of those developments impressed you, maybe this one will — two geniuses making music out of barcodes.

I mean, I guess there’s more context that I could give. But first, you just need to watch the clip of them making this music, which is energetic, fun, and raucous in equal measure.

The musician’s name is Ei Wada, and he’s been a gamechanger in the Japanese experimental scene since the early two thousands. It’s not just barcodes that he’s used to make badass music. He’s also done the same with a massive industrial fan:

With a slightly smaller fan:

And with a whole bunch of iron-wrought machinery:

Basically, the man’s a genius, and we should bless him for every bit of wackadoo music that he brings us all.