Watch Ball Park Music Tear Apart Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android’ For Like A Version

And yes, they pull off *that* guitar solo.

ball park music like a version

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It takes a brave band to cover Radiohead, and a braver one still to cover their baroque masterpiece ‘Paranoid Android’. So consider Ball Park Music the bravest band of the bunch, given that they put their distinctive stamp on the song during a Like A Version session this morning.

And yep, lest you doubt the Brisbane-based five-piece — their version is a whole six and a half minutes long.

The Ball Park Music plays things pretty straight. There are no strange new instrumentations, or extended freak-outs: everything is perfectly intact, even a pretty good Thom Yorke vocal pastiche from lead singer Sam Cromack.

And yes, three minutes in, there’s an ecstatic guitar solo — albeit a slightly sloppier and less focused one than that provided by Jonny Greenwood himself.

In that way, the cover’s closest in focus to Denzel Curry’s already iconic ‘Bulls on Parade’ freak-out; a great song, performed with energy and enthusiasm, by a bunch of committed and attentive musicians.

Watch the take on ‘Paranoid Android’ in all of its dizzying six minutes of glory right here: