This Bad Lip Reading Of ‘Stranger Things’ Is Extremely Funny And Bizarre

It's 'The Wonder Years' meets 'Stranger Things' meets 'utter nonsense'.

Bad Lip Reading

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What if Stranger Things was a a weird The Wonder Years style sitcom, and everything that the characters said was nonsense? This is the question that the good folks over at Bad Lip Reading have asked, and the resulting video is a 20 minute journey into somewhere even stranger than the upside down.

If you’re not familiar with the great work of Bad Lip Reading, they essentially dub over all our famous TV and films with their unique interpretation based off the titular bad lip reading. It really shouldn’t work as well as it does, but it’s almost always hysterically good. Check out their excellent, Broadway reinterpretation of The Walking Dead, and their brilliant Star Wars homage.

The Stranger Things parody is one of their longer efforts, complete with a hokey voiceover narrator and a perky theme song.   It’s also packed with excellent moments, such as their sleazy version of the much lamented Barb, who is extremely keen for Nancy’s hair.

In fact, hair plays a big part of the comedy in this, with probably the best line coming from Steve Harrington, about his famous locks:

“Ow, my hair wants me to hurt you, and I always do what it says.”

It’s also worth making it to Hopper and Joyce’s discussion on the merits of free-form jazz.

The video also features Gillian Jacobs of Community and Love fame, doing the voice of Nancy. You can watch ‘STRANGER THINGS: A Bad Lip Reading’ here: