Joel McHale From ‘Community’ Has Lampooned Our Beloved Osher Günsberg And How Very Dare He?

Osher is here.

Guess what folks — Australia’s Bachelor in Paradise has managed to spark the attention of the USA, specifically Netflix’s The Joel McHale Show. Omg, they know who we are!

You might recognise Joel McHale from his role on Community, or his show The Joel McHale Show, which can be best described as a snarky appreciation of everything pop-culture.

In his latest segment, McHale casts his satirical eye on our very own attempt at Bachelor in Paradise, which if you’re not watching, is like The Bachelor except on an island. Frankly, there’s a lot that he could have lampooned, but instead he comes for the host of both the show and our hearts, the delightful Osher Günsberg.

In the clip, instead of pointing out how perfect Osher’s hair is, or how he’s the glue of the entire franchise, McHale makes fun of the fact that everyone on the show is super excited to see him all the time. It makes sense, because he’s amazing!

Also, The Bachelor is basically a drawn-out hostage situation with warm Prosecco, so the arrival of ANYONE is exciting for these poor stranded d-list celebrities, let alone a warm breath of fresh air like Osher.

“Osher is Australia’s answer to Chris Harrison,” says McHale, leading all of Australia to ask “who the bloody hell is Chris Harrison?”

Of course, Osher’s response to the whole thing is perfect.